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In the US Air Force, Aviation GPS launched in 1973 and also known as Global positioning System also known as official name is Navistar GPS and full name is Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging. In 2000 it approved for Civilization. It helps to measurement the Location as a form of Latitude and Longitude. Aviation GPS captured the Signal came from Satellite and identified of actual position and time zone of every location. Garmin Aviation GPS has made with the highest latest technology and works with pilots and planes. With the help of Garmin Aviation GPS, we can find and recognize the actual distance, we are one of the big dealers and distributor of Garmin Aviation GPS navigation in India and provide to all Aviation authority so that Pilots and other staff can easily use this. GPS India Networks Pvt Ltd provides the all-General Garmin Aviation GPS Support and solution which is all in on Handheld and portable aviation GPS.

Some of the Features in Garmin Aviation GPS

  1. Radios and Navigation
  2. Autopilots
  3. Flight Deck and Display
  4. Active Traffic System
  5. Audio Panel
  6. Weather Radar and Receiver
  7. Easy Connectivity
  8. App and Portable
  9. Sensor and Interface
  10. Indicator and Flight Instrument
  11. Engine Information System.


Innovative, all-in-one portable GPS for pilots with a 7” display
Bright, reliable, high-resolution touchscreen instruments that offer all-purpose digital upgrades from traditional round mechanical instruments

Aviation Category


Fly confidently with our rugged, reliable, purpose-built GPS that includes our latest in-flight features, including IFR approaches, arrivals and departures, plus our familiar touchscreen interface. Quickly and reliably acquire GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations to display rich, interactive, dynamically drawn and customizable aviation maps.

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