Apresys TP2000

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The first in a new line of low-cost professional Laser Rangefinders with inclinometer and data output


Now there is construction tool every one will appreciate! Introducing Apresys Laser Rangefinder TP2000. Apresys Laser Rangefinder TP2000 are the first in a new line of low-cost professional Laser Rangefinders with inclinometer and data output. Apresys Laser Rangefinder TP2000 are lightweight range-finder provides “thru-the-lens” viewing, eliminating parallax issues so you know the laser energy is traveling directly along your line of sight. Apresys TP2000 Rangefinder/Hypsometer is offering crystal clear optics with the data shown right in the heads up display so you don’t have to take your eye off the target. The diopter adjustment of TP2000 by Apresys also provides comfortable viewing for eye/sunglass wearers. TP2000 Laser Rangefinder’s by Apresys feature an integrated tilt sensor, allowing you to measure horizontal or vertical distance and instantly calculate the height of any object with the built-in, 2-shot routine! Data communication is via a wired Standard RS232 serial. Use the Closest, Farthest or Continuous mode for multiple targets. See TP2000 Construction Handout for more information.


  • Measurement range up to 2000m
  • Memory last 40 readings
  • Inclination, vertical distance, horizontal distance
  • 2-point Flexible Height routine
  • High accuracy
  • Light weight
  • Data Communication (Serial RS232 or Bluetooth)
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Wide temperature range
  • 8X Magnification
  • In-scope LCD
  • Feet,Yards, Meters, and Degrees units
  • Tripod Mountable


  • Measurement Range: Distance: 5 to 2000m typical, Inclination: +/- 70 degrees
  • Accuracy: Distance: +/- 0.5m Inclination: +/- 1 degrees
  • Operating Modes: Horizontal , slope, vertical distance and 2-point Flexible Height routine Target acquisition: Closest, Farthest, Continuous and Rain Mode
  • Dimensions: 120x127x52mm
  • Weight: 420 g
  • Data Communication: Serial RS232 (with RS232)
  • Power: 9V Alkaline Battery (batteries not included)
  • Eye Safety: FDA Class 1 (CFR 21)
  • Environmental: Water & Dust Resistant, IP 54
  • Temperature: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
  • Optics: 8x Magnification
  • Field-of-view: 330 ft @ 1000yds
  • Display: In-scope LCD
  • Units: Yards, Meters, Feet and Degrees
  • Mount: tripod (1⁄4″ ×7)
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